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11.19.2012 , 06:30 AM | #106
Are you serious TE?

This F2P model is maybe the worst out there in comparison with other P2P-MMO's that failed that hard to get in the need of changing their subscription model.

You have to buy UI-elements. You have only 2 character slots. You can't choose quest rewards. You may not loot items ( green quality or better ). You're not allowed to learn crew skills. The list is infinite.

SW:TOR has failed as P2P and you are nothing better as a subscriber than a new Freebie or a subscriber that returned to the game. That's even the worst. People who bought SW:TOR for more than $50 and payed months of monthly fees are the guys that get slapped the most.

Get serious @ TE.

This game has a crucial issue to engage people to stick around here. 1 month of subscription will be enough for every Freebie to get bored and after that?