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11.19.2012 , 06:30 AM | #6
so essentially their awesome leveling "trick" will be:

-Do not waste time by watching the voice overs (skip, skip, skip)
-skip all group content cause it takes too much time to search for a group
-Do the spacemissions every day (gives ~1 level per day)
-Only do the main questhubs and skip quests where you have very long distances
-Try to always be 1-2 levels BELOW the quests/mobs you are doing (most effective levelgain per quest)

and last but not least spend around 16 hours a day ingame, never loose concentration and... oh ALWAYS PRESS SPACE

its actually possible in around 3 days if you are realy crazy and with a group (never did this and never will cause it ruins the fun aka story)