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Sorry you are wrong there is no way that you have to spend extra $$ to get stuff.

No subber, including you, needs to pay extra. They may choose to but that is down to them. If you want something from the cartel shop either have patience and save up your monthly stipend for it, or use in game credits and buy it off the GTN.
No thats not true. The option of either paying like 10mil credits or spending real money (cartel coins) for the possibility of getting something I want (gambling boxes) is NOT fair to the subscriber because there is no other alternative (questing, farming, etc)

Most of us purchased the game waay before F2P was annouced (when it was still full price) - arbitarily changing the product that people have already paid for will not fly in the real world. Why is it okay to screw over people in the digital world?!
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