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Whilst I can't agree with the OPs sentiment and being a founder myself, find it really cringe worthy that anyone would see fit to end a post with the "founder" stamp

I would like to ask all of the posters hating on the current F2P model, how WOULD you implement it?

Over the last few days the vast majority of posts I have read state that all of the UI features and customization options should be free...all of the sotry should be free...WZs / FPs / Ops should be increased to like 10 a week...the list of demands for what should constitute F2P goes on and on.

This all seems to infer nothing more than a "give me all of the game for nothing and lelt me play all that the game has to offer without ever supporting it financially"! attitude. WOULD you all implement the F2P "option" without undermining the value of those that DO support the game and pay a sub?

Give the UI for free. Charge for extra bank and bag space. Charge for extra character slots past 2. Charge for content packs going by chapters and for each class. Have current warzones cost a 1 time fee, same with FP and Ops each on a seperate fee. Future ops, warzones, flashpoints, chapter stories... all require a 1 time purchase fee for each category. Things like the HK questlines can also be sold in a content pack. You get the full benefits of the game and truely buy the content that you enjoy ala carte.

Doing this also gives the developers ambition to keep creating new content and not just focus on more grab bag content that they are going to focus on.
James Ohlen: " For 2012 we really want players to feel like they're getting their money's worth. You're going to see so many changes and additions to the Star Wars Universe. It's going to be impressive. We have our Update 1.2 coming in the next week and then after that it's going to continue to roll out month after month. It's exciting."