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11.19.2012 , 04:16 AM | #7
This is how you should parse on a dummy.

1. Open with affliction (yes, you should save the CD cooldown).
2. Creeping Terror
3. Force Lightning, gain wrath proc
4. Recklessness
5. Crushing Darkness
6. Death Field
7. Force Lightning spam
8. Refresh DoTs and immediately pop power relic and adrenal after both have 18s left.
9. Force Lightning moar
10. Reapply CD/DF
11. Moar unlimited power lightning

If you're *really* looking into getting a high parse you can also consider weaving in Shock after each two Force Lightnings. It has higher DPCT than FL, but is regularly not used in raid scenarios due to it's force cost. But hey, the goal here is to get the highest DPS over an x amount of time here.

After that, reapplying DoTs should be your first priority; make sure you do not clip your DoTs. Generally the first refresh should be CT -> Affliction, after which they will start going out of 'sync'. Recklessness should be used on CD and DF (in that order, due to DF taking both charges if you accidentally hit two targets). Use your power adrenal and relic only right after both DoTs have been refreshed.