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Confused why people are recommending Inquisitor for a light side character. it works to a point, but act three all but beats you over the head with a sign saying "your character is dark side, deal with it". I found it practically impossible to walk out the the Xalek recruitment scene or the activation of the Silencer feeling that my character had been acting remotely consistently with being light sided.

I mean, ok. I can appreciate that a light inquisitor isn't truely light sided, and is effectively still a sith without being a sociopathic murdering dark side jerk, but you'll still inevitably get to the point of being asked to choose between supporting blatant murder, blatantly murdering yourself, or telling another character to shut the hell up whilst he's criticising someone for being a blatant murderer, who you apparently want on your crew. And blowing up an entire fleet as part of your personal power struggle. It's hard to equate that with a tempered, compassionate personality.
Using weapon in battle is such a dark side option? I would understand if it was civilian ships or planet, but warships that were trying to blow up imperial ship?

Inquisitor is fighting for his survival and it is made perfectly clear that you do not have time for another apprentice so Xalek is unavoidable.