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I went through it on the first try. It was my first time healing since release, I also had pvp dps gear. It was also the tanks first time tanking, that being said we also had another tank there but he wasn't in the threat mode. So our group make up was horrible, yet the instance was so simple.
Yep, our party make-up was less than optimal also lol, to say the least. Assassin tank great, Jugg tank in tanking gear DPSing((me)not so great) Jugg tank in DPS gear DPSing(better than me at least ) Merc healer with okish gear.

Other than the healer dying once because everyone was busy trying to beat the enrage timer we did fine. After that death, I watched him closer and offtanked when needed. We never even came close to a second death. It was my first time in Foundry HM, also the other Juggs first time in foundry period.

None of the gear I have is from an Op, it’s all orange/drop purple with Daily 51 armorings and 50/51 mods an such, so no, I’m not waaay over gearing it and neither were the rest of the group. Play smart and have a semi-competent tank/healer and you should breeze through that place.
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