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I expect worse case for 6 monthers is they get 3600 when their sub reups. Either that, or they get 600 every same day as their sub is up (i.e. 14th, for you) which presumably means you SHOULD have gotten it Wednesday... so apparently it's worst case scenario?
Ya all I have received was 2100 on F2P launch day.

11/15/2012 Security Key Monthly Grant Amount: 100 Total: 2100
11/15/2012 Free-to-Play Launch Reward: 250 Cartel Coins Amount: 250 Total: 2000
11/15/2012 Transfer from Rewards Tab Amount: 1750 Total: 1750

I guess I'll find out the true answer come 12/14/2012 since that would be the day of the month for my sub payment but renewal isn't till 2/14/2013, again it would be nice for a more definitive answer instead of having to wait for next month or even next 3 months till renewal, being a constant 6month subscriber since launch and all.

I would hope its the 14th of every month (in my case) to receive the 600 from sub and 100 from security key just gotta wait and see I suppose.