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None of what the OP sas makes sense.

The items on the GTN were purchased by Cartel Coins. So if Player X wants to go to a 3rd party redit site and buy credits for use on the GTN, who is he purchasing from?

He's purchasing from a guy that got items from the Cartel.
But that's just it. They are making more on selling those credits than Bioware selling the boxes. Think about it...$5 dollar purchase and ANY free sub becomes preferred, then they go on big farming parties, and are able to trade credits back and forth. So the way it goes is, credits are free to get from game , and then they sell the credits to people dumb enough to buy them, buy some cartel packs to get items to put on gtn or website, while their parties go back out to farm credits. So the money that the player(s) spend on rmt'ers should be going to Bioware but doesn't .Not like you think it does. If they put all the items that are mentioned in the packs piecemeal on market, that would end this real quick.I wouldn't mind dishing out $20 for mask of nihulis if that would help stop rmt'ers from working their (censored) on this game.
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