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I have to agree, I wouldn't call the 1 single update it had "regularly".
Bioware, if you're ever going to release an expansion, then seriously consider updating the store some more, or people simply won't bother with CE's, no matter what you throw at us, since they won't trust half of what you're throwing at them.

And you don't even have to make the items themselves exclusive, though I'd suggest making anything you place in this store an "exclusive release". CE Owners can make awesome test subjects. Test it on CE owners, release it to the greater public later, while updating the CE store with something new.

For example, implement some gadget that makes it possible for us to aquire blueprints from non-crafted gear. There are some pretty awesome designs out there, available only as green low level gear. Both player gear and companion gear. It'd be awesome if we could extract an orange modable blueprint from those, allowing players to customize themselves and their companions with those lower level designs at higher levels.

Simply adding new equipment is an option as well ofcourse. I wouldn't add too many speeders for now though, there are too many of those by now. Unless it's a speeder that allows for passengers (or has the active companion visibly sit next to the player on the speeder!)

And pets aren't everybody's cup of tea either, besides, the store already has a pet now.

Some new and unique companion customizations could also be an option.

So throw some bones, beefy ones at that, if you want to save the vendors' reputation and that of the CE and its developer with it.
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