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11.19.2012 , 03:46 AM | #1
I have a question.

Why do those second (or third) DPS skill trees always seem out of place to me.
Firstly they largely seem geared toward pvp instead of being able to be geared for either like a lot of other trees which I never unstand (that doesn't mean they can't work in pvp, but with the exception of Shadows and maybe scoundrels the shared tree is generally geared a little more toward pvp than pve).
Second people have these negative connotations to them, especially for classes where you can see what build they are by their form. If I group with a guardian/sentinel in Shii-cho form people know he's focus spec and generally speaking assume he'll under-perform in whatever we are doing in PVE, similar with commandos in plasma cell.
I just don't get it. Are the truly underpowered?
Why is it that if there's 2 or 3 dps trees available one has to be viewed as superior to the others; is this a problem with the perceptions of the masses or a problem with balance? Like people generally assume mobility=pvp and stationary=more damage but is that really the case? I'm not talking small amounts of difference in parsing (especially against target dummies) I'm talking in actual ops runs and flash points and stuff where people are rarely stationary an entire fight.

I'll stop my rambling just want some opinions. Would my sage be screwed going balance, my gunslinger useless in dirty fighting, or my sentinel a bad asset in focus specs? What would you like to see done to change these issues?

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