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Seriously, what were they thinking? HK quest demands a HM?

Now I tried this with 3 groups, and ALL of them failed with me. I mean, I am a day one subscriber, I put reasonable effort into my level 50ies, but not that grindy super gear. Normal good endgame gear. And we just got owned by these bosses. And no, we KNEW what we were doing. Yea, yadda yadda, you all did it, HOW GREAT FOR YOU. But why the heck does Bioware force a HM on us, who don't like this sort of HM-grind needed to survive?

So now you add new content, but limit it to grinders? Well, player Bioware, well played.

Like not!

Ya know, THAT is what SUX about SWTOR, and why I so passionately hate WOW: They introduced this idea, you need to grind some gear by doing quests over and over in some repetitive grind mill, to "unlock" the same dungeon in a more difficult mode. Why would any sane person enjoy doing the same quests or dungeons over and over? Thats not fun or entertainment, that's a gosh darn punishment! This idea of prolonging a game content by grind demands to see some endgame stuff is what I vividly, passionately hate.

And especially in a STORY driven Star Wars MMO! Since when does the STORY of a Sith or a Jedi or what contain grinding the same bosses over and over? Thats not STORY, thats bollocks!
That Flashpoint was actually hard back in January/February. Since then our gear progresses significantly and Flashpoints got nerfed hard. There is no way you shouldn't be able to run Maelstrom/Foundry HM within 20 minutes with no wipe and a group finder party. If it's a problem then you want to rethink that you "knew what you were doing..." Foundry / Maelstrom was the easiest and fastest part of the quest. Didn't have to scans for components. :L

*Sith Warrior voice* Is there a problem here?

Yes. Instead of making us to go on ne adventures they send us to recover a chip which is in possession of Revan himself... Who we killed back in December! This is awful :l But the fp is damn easy. Please thank me for a victorious five-year fight for traditional Jedi robes in SWTOR.