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Quote: Originally Posted by ImperialSun View Post WOULD you all implement the F2P "option" without undermining the value of those that DO support the game and pay a sub?

I think this is the real discussion inside this discussion. It is late so I am going to keep this a bit short, but I would say, let all of the content, including UI/quick travel/fleet passes/etc., be completely free. Give subscribers access to improvements on their experiences prior to f2p. The xp boost consumable, make it a consumable for f2pers (at a coin cost), make it a permanent buff for sub players and increase it for the sub guys to somewhere between 35-50% (stacking with rested). This give subbers an advantage to out level certain content more easily if there's places they would like to skip or they just want to level faster. Give subers access to legacy perks via legacy level only (no credit or cartel coin costs for unlocking).

Mail sub players a complimentary cartel pack on a weekly or monthly basis. Not only let them have access to speeders at earlier levels, but make it cheaper for them to train. Give subbers bind on account items that level with the character, similar to WoW's heirloom system (I know people hate talking WoW with TOR, but that was actually a VERY popular and incredibly fun system).

Rather than exceedingly limiting the experience for the free players, greatly augment the experience of the subbers. F2Pers will see this and will at least provide greater incentives for F2Pers to sub up. And you can always leave the pay for certain additional features option available for people that don't want to sub.

I am playing with a sub with my wife and we are enjoying it, but I would love to receive more considering im buying coins plus paying two subs. Give the F2Pers more and attract more of them here; its a win win situation regardless. There's nothing really to lose with that method aside from bandwidth...but expanding the population of the game is potentially increasing revenue, which is the point.

Even ignore the stuff that i mentioned that's not currently in the game (which wasn't much, there's little in this suggestion they would actually have to develop/design...its all implementation), and it would be cheap and work out really well.

TL;DR - This method of "here's 100 pieces of a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle for free or pay and get all 500 pieces" is a little nuts. It should be, "if you don't sub, you get the game up to 50 (no end game, micro transactions excluded)...but if you DO sub we give you the game with pizza, cookies and wine (or whatever beverage you prefer)". I think you get the idea.