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populating the server with people who can't do much isn't really populating the servers. On the other hand if you increase the freebee's lets say you make it to where you can do 5 HMFP's per week and 10 pvp matches well then I will gladly cancel my subscription and pay $10 per week for ops. I'm sure a lot of people would do the same and then Bioware will populate the servers and make 1/3 less money. Great way to stay profitable if you ask me. I think the point that people forget is that bioware is not a non-profit. They are in this to make money. F2P is a way to entice people to come back or mainly allow people to level for free and hook them to get subs. If someone is broke and cannot afford to pay a sub then there is no real market for bioware. Ultimately they have to remain profitable to their shareholders and giving people a reason to cancel subscriptions to play for free isn't a good idea

You can try to justify how it will help you all day long but bioware doesn't care about any individuals. They care about what is profitable for them as a company. They have made more money off the cartel coins from subscribers than they have from f2p people trying to get a week of pvp or HMFP's i can almost guarantee. Several guildies have already spent over $50 on cartel coins to get the rare stuff from the boxes. How many f2p people have paid that? guessing not many cause they aren't paying $14.99 per month. I will reiterate again so you can understand this time Bioware wants to make money. Free does not = increased profits. F2P is a marketing tool to get people to level for free and sub later (hopefully they enjoy the game if they took the time to hit 50). More free stuff is NOT in Bioware's best interests.
And that is precisely the problem! As a subber I shouldnt have to pay additional $$ to get stuff but they are making it out to be that way - put out something that people really want then make the sucker subbers (who will always pay) spend more money to get it.

Thats just wrong.
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