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1) So how many packs have you bought so far?
2) If you bought packs, did you get what you were hoping for more or less?
3) Have you or are you planning to purchase cartel coins to buy packs?
4) What would you like to see added or changed about the cartel market?

Feel free to share what you got in your pack(s) on the roundup I've started. Thank you.
1. 68.
2. Yes and no. I didnt get the Overlord's Command Throne in a pack. I purchased it for 2.5m credits. 2.5m credits i obtained by selling what i DID get in the packs. Which i am STILL selling. And still unlocking crap tons of perks etc.
3. Already did, and until they add more to the market, i doubt i will buy more.
4. More cool toys. Mounts are fun and all, but unless you plan to sit on your Command Throne (harmless plug!) on the fleet all day, it is just static.
My time card ends on December 5th. I have no intent to subscribe, let alone play, after i have completed all 9 episodes of KotFE. Likely i will subscribe for a single month to finish off the ''season'', play what remains and then say good bye to SWTOR until the END of the next season. Enjoy Bioware!