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I've only bought 2 so far on live... most of the stuff I wanted I was able to buy off the GTN. I would like to see some more equipment, and more choice, so for example pieces of the set sold separately. I would also be happy if there was another kind of pack that was offered without companion gifts and materials, say something like 2 random rares and one common with a chance of a very rare. However, I am pretty satisfied with what I have right now.

1) So how many packs have you bought so far?
2) If you bought packs, did you get what you were hoping for more or less?
3) Have you or are you planning to purchase cartel coins to buy packs?
4) What would you like to see added or changed about the cartel market?

Feel free to share what you got in your pack(s) on the roundup I've started. Thank you.
3, only with my free Cartel coins before I quit the game and unsubbed. Why would I waste my money on crap? It would be illogical, and at the moment it's all about Star Citizen!