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Wait so your telling me I won't see my stipend for 6 months when my renewal is up? 2/14/2013 is renewal date.

So let me get this straight. 6 month subs, get 600 vs 1 month subs who get 500. Yet they get 500 every month and 6 month people have to wait 6 months to get 600?

Could we get some clearer explanation on this matter? I know its late as I write this and might just be confused but it seems the 6 month subbers (like myself) might be getting hosed in some shape here...
You should get 600 every month now, it's a monthly stipend. I use time cards so I should get 525 next month (this month was paid before the switch so I got 200). You should also get it on or near your bill date but I'm betting the system is a bit backed up with it all being new and buggy.
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