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Wait so your telling me I won't see my stipend for 6 months when my renewal is up? 2/14/2013 is renewal date.

So let me get this straight. 6 month subs, get 600 vs 1 month subs who get 500. Yet they get 500 every month and 6 month people have to wait 6 months to get 600?

Could we get some clearer explanation on this matter? I know its late as I write this and might just be confused but it seems the 6 month subbers (like myself) might be getting hosed in some shape here...
I expect worse case for 6 monthers is they get 3600 when their sub reups. Either that, or they get 600 every same day as their sub is up (i.e. 14th, for you) which presumably means you SHOULD have gotten it Wednesday... so apparently it's worst case scenario?