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1 - Darth Nihilus: He is so absurdly overpowered that he eats planets.

2 - The Sith Emperor: He's a close second but he seems to need taxing rituals to feed off of the death of planets.

3 - Marka Ragnos: He reigned as Dark Lord of the Sith for over a hundred years and died undefeated.

4 - Exar Kun: Mark Ragnos himself decreed him to be the true successor to the Dark Lords of old.

5 - Naga Sadow: He was strong enough to use Sith magic to make a red giant go supernova, as I recall and almost brought the Republic to it's knees.

6 - Maybe Ulic Quel Droma? He wasn't as strong as Exar Kun but he seemed fairly close if their duel was interrupted by the spirit of Marka Ragnos.

7 - Um... Nomi Sunrider maybe? She stripped Ulic of his force powers.

I don't know what order the second half of the list would go in. But it'd probably include Darth Bane, Freedon Nadd Tulak Hord and some of the NJO Jedi. Most probably the Solo kids, I guess. Perhaps Darth Plagius too? Although there are probably other overpowered EU characters that I'm forgetting too.

Revan and then the Exile were both good but definitely don't crack the top ten list.