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No it's not intended, it's a bug. The OP isn't complaining about the bosses being able to see stealthed players, he's complaining about the range of their vision. A stealthed character can be spotted from a LOT further away than a non-stealthed one - that shouldn't happen.
This...I fully understand bosses and even having some mobs see stealth but to see it at the range they do is ridiculous. For example (and I know this will cause some flaming but whatever...) in WoW as a rogue if you approach a mob with the "sees stealth" icon over its will aggro you at about the same range it would if you were approaching without stealth on at all. I just finished a Taral V HM FP and got spotted by both bosses (who the rest of the group snuck by no problem...all of them without stealth) I got spotted by the patrolling big bots (exact name escapes me) again AFTER the rest of the group and moved by, and without the bot moving at all, it popped up the orange target and came after me. I was doing a Maelstrom HM FP yesterday to get the HK part and I kid you not...I pulled the first boss by him seeing me in stealth and i was standing BEHIND the rest of the group...and when I say behind like literally a couple feet behind...