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I was really enjoying this HK-51 questline until I found out:

1. You need to have a mid level character on the other faction.

2. You need to compete in Hard Mode flashpoints.

As a PvP player (That is PvP geared) I HATE doing flashpoints, let alone Hard Modes. That's the one thing I LOVED about SWTOR is that it's basically a single-player MMO. You don't have to enter in with a group of micro-managers with anger management issues that love projecting their own shortcomings onto every other member in the group.

You can just gear-up your companion and power through on your own.

Wish I hadn't wasted the time/credit collecting the pieces I did, but oh well. Another knife in the back of PvPers. Will just wait for the new Warzone.
I understand that some work should be expected to get this droid but I dont agree with a forced play style. I am always leary of groups because of bad attitudes and arrogance that some players have. I was in group finder the better part of the night waiting to do the last hard mode flashpoint and finally got in. The other three players apparently knew each other, I didn't know any of them. We get down to the very end battle and a couple of us go down, I'm revived only to be booted from the game. Needless to say I was more then a little PO'd. I'm not sure now if I will even bother to finish much less continue with the game.