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I have been unable to find an answer to this question.

There is this , but it doesn't say WHEN your monthly stipend is credited.

I bring this up because earlier today I caught wind that some people had seemingly received their monthly stipend today on twitter. I go home and log in, as does my wife. She has received 600 Cartel Coins as well as an email stating she has received "complementary" coins, no direct mention that they are her monthly stipend. In her ledger however it states that the coins she received ARE her monthly stipend.

I log in and check my ledger on, as well as my in game balance. I received no Cartel Coins, nor an email.

We both recently re-upped our subs (6 months sub, both active since first day pre-launch) on the same day (our next billing date is 2/14/13 for both of us). I assumed coins would be credited based on billing date, so why would she receive hers without me receiving mine?

I guess my questions are:

-Has anybody received their monthly stipend?
-Has anybody received an email referring to their "complementary" coins based on their sub?
-Can anybody add any clarification to the issue?

My apologies in advanced in this information has already been posted, and I simply missed it.

Thanks for your time and consideration all!
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