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I understand you subscribe as you have previously stated. My statement, "give me more for nothing" was directed at the people who do not subscribe (the people you are standing up for). There is no reason to give them more for nothing.

As I said if you (generally speaking) want to just do pvp you are not really looking for money but rather the experience of pvp.

Bottom line is if someone is serious about playing this game they will pay for a subscription. The stats are simple. Serious gamers pay. I would rather wait longer for a good pvp team then insta que for a fast loss from f2p players who are not serious about the game. The guy who said lower their ranked coms doesn't help his own point either. Gear them up slower but let them play in recruit gear longer? That will really hurt the pvp scene.
Not everyone runs around with a premade day and night. Teams are fine.. but having a mentality that other players are not serious when alone is a huge mistake. This is not some elite pvp scene anyways...

"The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more subscribers will slip through your fingers."