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11.18.2012 , 10:40 PM | #16
I guess beggers can be choosers. I am not paying but I want more free stuff? Really? You cannot be serious.
Now I do think they made a mistake with how they charge for f2p. If you want to pvp and that's all you want to do you are paying 240 cartel coins. That is 960 coins in a 4 week month (1200 in 5 week month). It costs $9.99 USD for 1050 coins. so in essence you are paying $10 per month to pvp or $15 per month to subscribe. They are nickle and diming you but charging a quarter if that makes sense. $10 per month doesn't get you GB access, unify colors, cash limits, no ops, no FP's (well limited) etc. It is seriously stupid to pay for a single item. They should change it to 80 cartel coins for a week pass for pvp, ops, HMFP's, etc. This allows someone to buy what they want without paying for the fluff they care not for. This would be good customer service and might actually make someone more willing to subscribe than the way they are doing it right now.
If the OP was serious this is what they would have stated this rather than give me more for nothing.
The financial team for this game is seriously on crack the way they broke down the charges for cartel coins.
But back to the original topic. If you're not paying for something you don't deserve much and have no right to complain as the rest of us who do subscribe have to deal with you complaining in and out of game. You like GW2? GO BACK. If you're gona compare how great something is to the way this is then you obviously don't want to be here. OMG WOW was so awsome.....why did you leave? Just my 2 cents on F2P and the people complaining and not sub'ing