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Achieving mastery over an aspect of the force is not the same as a title, that's absolutely ludicrous, if someone achieves mastery over the Dark Side, it would be listed, same for the Light Side, Revan doesn't have this listed nor has he displayed power enough to claim mastery over an aspect of the force.

We know plenty about what happened in the Mandalorian Wars, honestly the whole Revan shtick is beyond overblown, he used the Mandalorian tactics against them(Kreia states exactly this in multiple conversations) but he had six times the manpower and a whole host of Jedi Knights, not only that he had mastermind admirals and great generals like Surik, Alek and Kavar(up to a point), hell Surik led half the Republic fleet on her own and won major victories across the front on worlds like Dxun and Serroco, then led the attack herself on Malachor V, so you see, it wasn't even all Revan to begin with.

We are talking about actively using both sides of the force at the same time, it is not possible, using a few powers affiliated with one side or the other is entirely different.

Revanite logic, if canon doesn't conform to your POV, canon is stupid and nobody should take it seriously.
That is not our logic at all. You are generalized BIG time. Know what generalizing is? It is a logical falacy. Quit using it. Just because I'm arguing for Revan doesn't mean my logic is poor (although there are many who argue for Revan using bad logic).