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^^ Well said (with the exception of what you said about G-canon).

I'd like to talk about the whole "mastery" thing though. Did he master the force? No. But who has mastered the force? Not many. Revan displayed a great understanding of the force by becoming a powerful user of both sides (at different times). It's obvious that Revan had a great understanding of the force. Didn't Darth Bane himself say that Revan was a very powerful being?

Also - would someone explain to me why the following quote from Kreia ISN'T reliable?
"Looking at Revan was like looking into the heart of the force."
- yes, Kreia lies a lot, but there isn't a good reason for her to lie on this subject. She doesn't lie aimlessly. There's always a purpose, and I can't see the point in lying in this since.
- could she have been stretching the truth here? Possibly. Revan was her apprentice so she must have had great pride in him. But all this means is that she was exadurating a bit. So perhaps looking at Revan wasn't like "looking into the heart of the force", but he still must have been something for Kreia to say such a thing.

I honestly don't know why you guys refuse to believe that Canderous's and Mandalore's praise means nothing. I can't recall the exact quote in KOTOR #1, but I know that Canderous says something about swift counter-attacks and mass deceptions (there's a lot more). Who does Canderous say is responsible for this stuff? Revan. Not Surik, not Karath, and not Alek. Revan. Seriously, you guys have played the game. You'll remember that Ordo PRAISES Revan. No just a compliment, a PRAISE. This is coming from a guys who studied war his whole life. So please for pete's sake admit that Revan was a skilled tactician.
Character statements... This post is full of them.


Character statements are non-canon...
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