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Personally I hope vong get retconned out of existence.

Really EU, couldnt do better than regurgitating the done to death "3rd super duper faction pops in to conquer all" scenario and the SW version of the borg? Really?
Totally agreed.

And the instances of ridiculously powerful Force effects diminished its value. It's a never-ending chain of Power Creep, which is not compelling or mildly interesting.

On the other hand, the effects of Power as played out in KotOR 2 was quite interesting. The intense power at Malacor V was an abomination against the nature of the universe, and the objective (story-wise, not mechanic-wise) was to settle the echoes rather than simply get stronger and beat up the evil dudes. It's a story about humanity and our emotions, and what it means to be at peace with the Force. That makes the Force compelling rather than a