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1- You are acting as if using and mastering are the same thing. They are not. Luke Skywalker had knowledge of and mastered abilities of the darkside but never used them because he was a Jedi. Revan lived two lives and mastered two sides of the force. But because of his light alignment he did not use any powers of the darkside. Once regaining his memories he would have all knowledge of what powers he learned. I think Revan was or possible above the level of Jedi Master. You have little proof that never mastered and force abilities. I don't know about saber forms but he did defeat Malek in one on one combat and Malek was known to be a very good duelist.

2- You say he is not a tactical genius. Characters in the game including some mandolorians say he is. So I am going to take their word over yours.

This isnt very "In-depth". Its obvious that you are sick of people making Revan look god like so you are really underplaying him.