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Hello Tatile,

FTP'rs HAVE to buy extra quick bars? Who told you that? A FTP'er is given, for free, two quickbars. I have played since Beta and can tell you, that although 4 bars are convenient, they are not necessary. Actually, if at any point you find yourself REQUIRING more than 2 bars, than you are playing SWTOR incorrectly. I agree that more than two is convenienet and a niceity, but two is really all you NEED to play.

When BW first announced the FTP restrictions, the FTP'er was only going to get one quickbar. At that time, I was on your side of the argument, as only having one bar would pretty much make the game unplayable before a person would hit 50. BW adjusted thier thinking, now you get the needed two. If you want more, then just pay the $2.00 bucks for the convenience of them.
They get two and have to buy more so YES they have to buy more toolbars learn to read.
Why isnt this game called Star Wars: The Old Empire?