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Dear Bioware,

As a Founder and subscriber, I'm a little dismayed that you are willing to give away so much of the game, that I pay for each month. Dont get me wrong, I like FTP options as I do think they are beneficial to the ongoing development of a game. However, the path you have chosen is unpredented in how much it gives for nothing.

A person can play the entire storyline of every class in the game, on either side of the conflict, without paying a dime! Really? That's a bit much IMO, and sort of a slap to us that pay monthly. As a suggestion I would like to see a more LOTRO type of model where a FTP'r has to buy quest packs and zone unlocks in order to progress. This method allows the FTP'ers a choice in what parts of the game they want to play WITHOUT angering those that pay a monthly subscription.

What you have done here is decide to just give the game away. I trust you know what you are doing here, but I, for one, am not too crazy about it.

Thank you,

F2P has been hugely successful for LOTRO. Guess what. You get completely free access to the main "Fellowship" storyline. The quest packs you purchase are optional, they are not necessary to progress. EVERYBODY has to pay for expansion content, though.