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11.18.2012 , 11:47 AM | #32
Woot More SWG Spam !
If SWG was a Good MMO and had a Profitable Player Base it would still be here Period .

There is SWGEMU but yet its not good enough for these diehard SWG fans who are on SWTOR forums spamming SWG Threads/post or playing TOR instead .

This is in all honesty
SWG wasn't good enough preNGE
So NGE came out
Then Players Hated NGE
So the ShutDown and now players want SWG back but do not want to play SWGEMU..............

Yes EMU is not perfect , it has a load of Bugs , Its Probably illegal , but
EMU is playable , SWG had a load of Bugs , SWG was not Perfect .

Soo , I think its good to miss something that you spent years playing but it is counter Constructive to try to bring it back . Move Foward , its how we Progress to better things.

I miss PreAbyssea FF11 , but thats never coming back and nor am I going to spam FF11 or FF14 forums about it . I moved on and Foward !
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