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I have to say I could care less if people go to website to buy credits, items or whatever they want. It is their money and they can do with it as they please. If it violates any rules EA has set forth you can count on no hands how many ****s I give. I am not here to police the game just to play it. I swear to mighty Zeus if I have to tear down the walls of EA I will own the Sith Meditation Throne by whatever means I have available to me.

On topic the OP is incorrect because someone will have to buy the packs to open them up to sell the items. What does it matter where that money comes from. EA and Bioware will make money. Does it promote CC farming if you can even call it that yes. Do i give a ****? NO! Wait until they offer a way to trade CC for credits and vice versa people will **** golden bricks.
You dont care because all you think about is the YOU. If people didnt buy gold then these credit farmers wouldnt exist. If they didnt exist then there wouldnt be people getting their accounts hacked for the gold selling business. You may think it will never happen to you but it very well could. I dont care how secure you think you are.
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