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I played SWG from the second day until it ended. (off and on after NGE). I have to say most of the time even before NGE my time was spent playing JTL. When ppl talk about SWG they remember all the good times they had with there in-game friends and not the bad things about the game. Rose color glasses are great for looking back. I play the emu from time to time for old times sake. Tap nest, kill spawn, tap nest again kill spawn, tap nest no spawn kill nest get xp. Not really fun. SWG was about playing with other ppl. When NGE hit a lot of ppl left and you found ppl that were in game enemies form the start questing together in groups to do the story line. For the Vets it was a fitting end to our SWG saga.. we found peace. For us it ended before the Resstes<--spelled wrong) thing. The memories are way better than the game was.
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