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I guess there is a bit of a vanity issue here as well. Do you want HK to use a Sniper Rifle or a Blaster Rifle? Nice to know (as the previous poster tells) that HK can use either, and that the Cunning on the Sniper Rifle counts as much as the Aim on the Blaster. Too bad he can't use assault cannons or dual-wield pistols....
The Cunning will count for the same amount of bonus damage and crit as the Aim but if you take a barrel out of any sniper rifle and place it into any blaster rifle you'll notice a significant drop in the damage range. This is because sniper rifles in general have a higher damage rating than blaster rifles. It's no different for HK-51. He's proficient with both (just like a Sniper Agent class or a Commando with Assault Cannons) but realistically you'd never want to equip him with a blaster rifle over a sniper rifle.
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