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11.16.2012 , 06:37 PM | #23
I will say it again. SWG was not a failed game. It lasted EIGHT years. Failed MMOs tend to die in less than half that time. The original game, the CU version and the NGE all had their problems. My six years were all spent in the NGE. The last two years of Galaxies were better than Warcraft at any point of it's life. SWG haters can say whatever they want, but to me and many others, Galaxies was a good game that we all had fun playing. It was certainly better than that steaming pile of crap Warcraft.

Every MMO will eventually be shutdown. TOR was a big reason LA decided not to renew the license with SOE. Now all future Star Wars games are going to be made by LA itself. People can call SWG a failed game or, like me, they can say it wasn't. It doesn't matter since it is all based on opinion. My opinion is that SWG was a good game with problems, TOR is a good game that is still growing and Warcraft is a piece of crap that needs to grow up and become a real game.

We will always remember games we had fun playing and games we hated. We should never forget the good times. But I agree that people need to stop bringing up the day the NGE went live. Especially in other game forums. It has no place here.