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So here has been my experience with the HK storyline:

1. Group with guildies follow questline to thr end of theoretika.
2. Go to work (Real life sucks)
3. COme back with 1/2 an hour before maintenance.
4. Go to outlaws den get ganked by 10 imps (What sadist made that decision?)
5. Go to imp alt go to outlaws den and get the item.
6. Maintenance
7. Decide to be a night owl and start searching the endar spire. Find piece over an hour later (think to myself "frustrating but maybe I'm just unlucky")
8. Thankfully manage to group with two others and we knock out the coruscant one and one of the group drops (No problem still got a searching buddy)
9. Search Ambria's Fury for what seems like forever non grouped person finds it. Groupmate gets it but I do not as I am on the other side of the wreckage and do not get there in time (Frustration levels rising but God Bless my partner who stays to help me find it). After about another 1/2 hour of searching call it a night (Still didn't find the Ambria's Fury piece).

All I can think of having reached this point is what an annoying and massive waste of time it has been for something which has it's premise based on such a simple thing. I believe Fez Burba made that scanner because it SUCKS! And the worst part is that, even though I think whomever deigned this is a complete and utter sadist laughing at me from across the internet, I'm still going to go back tomorrow and keep searching for that worthless piece of trash on hoth. That being said making the method of getting something annoying/long does not make it special, Bioware.
It's the most fun quest line in game dude. Youre playing wrong.