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The confirmed max of subs is 350,000 for SWG.

90% of MMOs out Today have twice that and up.
Now I am one to slam on the PRECioUs as much as the next guy, but that would be incorrect. The themepark genre dominates the MMO world, but not all games keep 350k NA subs after launch.....matter of fact few do according to estimations. Before WoW, EQ was the leader at 450k. Games I know of that have been around the 350k level(or more) for 6 months or longer include EQ, EQ2, LoTRO, FF XI, TOR, and WoW. Sandboxes have EVE(and SWG if you wanna argue it took 6 months to drop below 300k.....that would be pushing it). Only talking about western subs BTW.

What was deceiving about SWG numbers is that folks ran multiple accounts due to one char per server rule. So although it sported 200 to 250k subs up until NGE, there really wasnt many unique individuals playing. Semantics when it comes to money, but true just the same......SWG wasnt very popular. EVE has this same thing, as RMT helps to prop up sub numbers in the way of PLEX.

Nowadays hearing someone carry on about SWG is either a case of needing to let go, or some type of play on "yeah I was at Woodstock". When Nov 15th hit 7 yrs ago, I was among those saying it was lame what happened to the SWG folks. Nowadays it is a case of will you shut the frack up......we heard it already.