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11.16.2012 , 12:33 AM | #125
Any updates on the codex with this new major patch?

The reason I quit the game in the first place was the fact that it was impossible for me to finish the Codex. Played my starting zone area (and never got all the codex stuff after hours and hours of searching) and then headed to the other starting zone and found that I could not even get 50% of the codex entries. Kept playing but kept running into problems all over the place with the codex stuff. Finally quit playing at lvl 40.

One that really ticked me off was a datacron that could not be reached by players of a certain body size because the hole in the wall was too small! Something like that should be fixed asap when some players can do something and others can't.

After reading this thread, it looks like they are planning a fix for the codex. Has it happened it? That posts was a few months ago. Class/faction codex entries need to be all flagged so ONLY that class or side can even see it in the list of possible codex entries to find.

Planning on starting a new toon (and might even resub to get my bonus coins for things like the CE) but ONLY if most (hopefully all) the codex problems have been fixed. Why such a MAJOR system to the game for story and lore remained bugged (might still be) for so long is just insane and shows that Bioware really doesn't care too much about fixing things.