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11.15.2012 , 08:40 PM | #1008
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At 8am I doubt any of the new F2Pers would have hit level 10 to even get onto the fleet :P

I'm pretty happy to wait a couple of days to see how it goes

How are the Korriban numbers? Dromund Kaas? Coruscant?

As at 1:35pm on MDN

Number are for Imperial Only

Fleet: 35
50s: 86
WZs running: 1
Korriban: 12
Hutta: 11
DK: 11


The Harbinger is FULL
The Bastion is at Medium Capacity

Maintenance during our peak is only going to have a negative impact.

Will probably see more numbers over the weekend however this will gradually decline.

Forecast: Not looking good!