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11.15.2012 , 07:08 PM | #1004
I've been on the PvE and PvP servers today and yesterday.

Just to really highlight how bad it is on the PvP server, the fleet population yesterday was 2 people. Me and 1 other person - this is at like 8.00 am, sure, not the busiest time of the day, but you'd still expect SOME people around. It's actually even worse then when I last bothered to login and check out that server, which was like 2 months ago.

Today, sure, was more people, like 30. However, this still is a population you can't do anything with. Queued for hours to get like an entire 2 warzones.


At this stage, if there isn't a server merge damn fast you can just turn off the power and unplug these servers cause there will be nothing to merge.

EDIT: To make matters worse, bioware deleted the toons I moved from the swiftsure, even though they said they wouldn't, and now refuses to allow me to move my characters. Yeah thanks, I'm now marooned on a dead server with no recourse. **** you very much.
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