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Quote: Originally Posted by Lord_Ravenhurst View Post
Don't worry, people who liked SWG will continue to get absolutely nothing of interest from Bioware.
By now I'm convinced BW shares the same hate for every possible SWG feature like you do.
I don't agree with this. Many of us actually love(d) both games equally. Sure they're both very different in game play but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy them both. I for one loved SWG and actually like TOR almost as much. SWG will be hard to beat honestly but I don't think it has to... for me.

Quote: Originally Posted by Listerman View Post
Well, if people really are here just to watch the game crash and burn for their own amusement...I do believe there is a special place in Gamer Hell for people like them.
Trapped in a never ending PvP scenario with noob gear and constantly being taunted by mean spirited players, without the ability to ignore or respond.
This is just awesome.