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Lots of lists actually, all telling a different story depending on what someone is looking for.

Heres one example that involves there own system of measuring active players:

Heres one example based on factual data:
*Note* Swtor is not actually on this one because the last factual data showed it above 1 million active subs.

Update:Found one for 1 million and above:
The XFire one, I could wrong, but I thought that was how many accounts there accessed the game. The second one is a little outdated and I wasn't talking about active players more like subscribers. And considering Marvel Super Hero Squad Online (hey it has 4 mil registered players) isn't on there, I guess they pick and choose. EDIT: And all the other games are rated worldwide compared to SWTOR on the west operation. I was talking about western data. I may not have had that aforementioned in my last post. If so, my bad.
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