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I do think that by bioware adding in content that they know everyone is going to want and placing part of it in PVP territory is a terrible idea.

Those people choose a PVE realm for a reason. They do not want part in a free for all PVP environment. Creating content that in turn basically forces PVE players to PVP is a bad mistake.

It doesn't matter what BW had as good intentions or not.
It doesn't matter that the story is amazing.
It doesn't matter how good the companion is.

What matters is that at the end of the day, they created content most every player in SWTOR will want and int eh same turn basically force PVE players into PVP.

Thats what will be remembered.

If anything there could have been 2 avenues to get the same piece. One PVE orientated and one PVP orientated - The player gets to decide how they wanted to obtain the item.

And you are right though. There are plenty of other games that will take your money and it doesn't matter if there good or bad games. Bioware at this point in there game made a mistake by adding on content that blatantly pushes PVE players into a PVP environment. (and to a lesser degree PVP players into a PVE area)

I've tried to not be to hard on BW given this is there first MMO but BW deserves all the negativity they get on this one knowing there was such a easy work around.
So, you think PvPers only deserve rewards that PvEers don't want, then? That anytime BioWare releases an exclusive or unique item, they MUST make it available to PvEers? What about the armor skins available from PvP commendations? Should the exclusivity of those items be taken away from PvPers because PvEers may like the way they look?

The argument that, because an item is popular, it should automatically be made available through PvE is nothing short of insulting to the PvP community. PvPers should be offered unique items only obtainable through PvP, just like there needs to be unique items available only through Operations, and only through Heroics, and only through class quests.

Of course, I've never seen you speak out against exclusive items offered in these other aspects of gameplay. Why aren't you speaking out in favor of equality for all? Why aren't you speaking out against "raid exclusive" rewards, or "Heroic exclusive" rewards, or "light/dark side exclusive" rewards, hmm? You would readily allow there to be rewards in the game which PvPers cannot obtain without participation in PvE, but if just one aspect of one single quest forces you to enter a PvP zone, that's "unfair" to the PvEers.

It's time to stop with all this hypocrisy and double-standards.

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