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This post is ok but I am confused.

How is it that it would be possible to do it in two hours.
I accepted a real hard encounter, for serious raiders but this two hours possibility timer kinda throws it away. If the first cleance from a top guild manage to do this in less then a week from tomorrow, I mean all the Opps then I think this was a failure for the SWTOR Operations design team. Was said in video blog by one of the devs that they think an average time of three week to clear all new Nightmare Opps for the very first time. Has this changed?
It is Nightmare and it should be very difficult, and I thought with the failure of EC and KP Nightmare-modes this was a bit understood.
I think the loot in Nightmare should be very fruitful but the difficulty also should be a lot. A month difficult standard should be the norm to clear all the Opps.
BTW I hope for the Nightmare to revise in also the two old Opps (EV and KP). There was an old dev post when this was promised actually. The current EV and KP Night-mare are a buff of the Hard-mode, noting special, and these should have been change right after 1.2.
The top guilds will clear this in 1 week and probably clear it in 2 hours within 3 weeks (so December 7th). All the other Raiding guilds will probably take more like 2-3 months to clear it 2 hours. And the casuals? They will NEVER clear it in 2 hours because it's chock-full of mechanics checks. You can't really outgear mechanic heavy Operations because you still need to be at least decent. That's why I like mechanic focused Operations, if when the level cap gets raised someone tells me they cleared HM TfB the other night I'll know they can't be terrible because the mechanics would have wiped them if they were.
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