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Whoever thought that withholding information from subs. is a good thing needs to have their head examined. And I dont blame Bioware as this is common practice in varrying degrees across the industry. But its time we reevaluate this concept.

My point!

When a company decides to create a game it begins with negoitiations, secret deals, meetings, etc. Nobody knows anything because until the go ahead is given, there is no point. But afterwards begins a steady outpouring of information. First the initial announcement, usually 4-5 years before release. Over the next 2-3 years the team will attend different comicons or other conventions to put out information, begin to build hype, show some cgi of the game or maybe show some of the main character like Darth Malgamus. (sp?)

Then about 2 years before release the dev team begins to show and explain the systems, mechanics and some content that will be coming. This is about the time that many people will start to follow the games, watch the forums and become interested.

A year until release begins the closed beta which for hardcore fans is the best time because sites like betaleaks begin to show the game and players really become excited about whats to come. There is still limited information and only a few thousand or hundred thousand players that begin the religious like following of the game.

Then the NDA is lifted, a few months before release. Information pours out. We get the good, the bad and the ugly. But for all the information that is out there, it is also the most exciting time for the vast majority of mmo players. this is our first look at the game since most dont go to betaleak sites. Anticipation is at its highest. And people by the millions or close to it begin preordering their copies.

Day 1, everyone plays and all is well. All the hype, or atleast most of it is met with enthusiastic players diving head first into a great game. But something has changed. Information about upcoming content, bug fixes, class changes, and everything else goes dark. Its like 10,000 voices who were crying out for good or for bad were suddenly silenced. No more talk. No more hype. No more words for our developers.

The truth is that they become so tight lipped about anything that you wonder why they even have forums at all. Information on small patches isnt given till the day of release. Large patches are only patch notes for a week or two before release. They give tidbits of information on some upcoming content but nothing worth noting. Just look at the information about Makeb. Little bits here and there. But really the information drives more questions that it answers. The hype is gone. the enthusiasm is gone. All that remains is our frustrations.

I plead to bioware. Give us excitement. Give us enthusiasm. Give us perspective and understanding. Give us something to look forward to. Bring back the hype. Bring back hope. Bring Back communication!!!!
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