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Have you considered taking HM and NiM mode EC off the same lockout? Since they are essentially different encounters now like SM and HM are with a completely different loot set shouldn't they be locked out seperately? I understand the shared lockout for EV/KP since like you have said they were essentially the same encounter but being completely different in EC they should split the lockouts to help progression.
I completely agree with this. But I think it should be extended to all of them. I mean, Rakata is easy enough to get while so many people are so geared. I've had occasion to do a NiM and couldn't since I did a HM run earlier in the week. I didn't need any of the gear for sure, I was just going for something to do.

And honestly the SM Ops ought to be completely free of lockouts. They are done mostly as randoms for BH comms these days, and when someone has a new L50 character, we can easily run them through HM/NiM EV/KP or SM EC and gear them up to Rakata in an evening. I've also known guilds to just run through LI HM a few times with a new 50, then take them on an EC HM trip and they're half or more campaign in a day.

Anyways, moral of the story.... relax lockouts for the old content