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Not really sure if he is playing around or what, but:

(As a side note: For some reason a lot of players seem to think that The Fatality wreck is located on Hoth. We cannot explain and are baffled by this impression, as the wreck in question on Hoth is clearly the Ambria's Fury. It must just be some mass delusion brought on by the Dread Masters)

We hope you’ll enjoy the new challenges awaiting you in Section X!

Jesse Sky
Original Game Codex Text
Among the Empire’s losses in Hoth’s fabled space battle was a sleek, fast warship designated the Fatality. Until recently, the ship’s manifest had remained a mystery to all but the highest Imperial echelons. The only certainty was that the Imperial Moffs were most distressed at the ship’s loss. The wreck of the Fatality was recently discovered by Imperial and Republic forces, but their initial scouting parties soon learned that White Maw pirates had beaten them to the prize. The combined attacks of these enemy forces eventually drove away the White Maw invaders and revealed the Fatality’s precious cargo: a legion of deactivated HK-51 assassin droids, the galaxy’s most advanced extermination machines.