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So...what can I use HK-51 for after I acquire him as a level 50? I mean, other than the relatively mind-numbing uses like running more dailies and crafting?

I really wish companions had any real gameplay effect in the end-game.
He's pretty much the same as the other 5 companions you get, only his dps when decked out is supposedly better than Revel/Vette/Gault.

For non-tanks, he's probably the best companion to solo HM fps with (best set up is tank w/h healer comp).

Since crafting isn't your thing - his +1 crit makes him cheaper than the ship droid crafting parts - then I'd suggest just using him on your lowbies.

I'm going to get him on my main and then drop 1M on him to use him on my lowbies. A great present for my Jedi Shadow or Gunslinger
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