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The warrior story just flows really well and each act improves on the previous imo. It also has great, prominent, supporting characters: Baras, Vowrawn, Emperor's Hand and more. I realized that's a huge part of a successful story. It's the same with the agent.
I think that's probably the best synopsis of the story. it doesn't have the amazing twists and turns of some of the others (though i was sort of shocked by the turn of events with bara in ch.2, for some reason I didn't see it coming).

I think the big part of what people like is the character interaction between baras and the hero, as well as the hero and the companions. My juggernaut has some of the most memorable companion development IMO in the whole game (though I'm really enjoying my smugglers crew so far). it's that, and the baras conflict, and the smooth storyline.

with the exception of end of book 1, it felt very "rushed" to me. I would have enjoyed more direct interaction with jaesa so I could see the effects of the doubt on her, and see how it was slowly pulling her away from her old master. It would have felt much more like the conflict between luke and vader. instead we get a much of "just missed her"! then at the very end she just seems to tumble down with in a few minutes. but thats my only gripe, love the rest.