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I don't see it as unfortunate at all. The switch to freemium is to play the long game in terms of active accounts. This sort of business model works on seeing a steady streaming continuum of players entering the game, NOT everyone ganking it on day one (like when it launched )

A freemium model works best in fact by a steady paced lower level stream of new active players.
I usually agree with most of your posts, but you seem to defend the most illogical things, at times. Such deriding people that are displeased with the less-than-optimized SW:TOR client by stating that they need instant gratification... and should go make sandwiches as they wait. And now you're trying to say that a lack of advertising is a good thing? Hardly. LotR:O, DDO, and many other free-to-play games are constantly doing their own advertising. That is what garners the game new players. Not a silent launch and no attempt to recruit thereafter.

And to the main point of this thread, phasing the planets/zones will completely do away with any overcrowding issues, as it did at launch, should they arise.